Small steps do count

Growing up, surrounded by people who didn’t really value fashion, as a career and even in general. Saw clothes as a simple everyday item. Fashion designing and branding is not a big thing in my small country, for they don’t look beyond and rely expectations on the ones who dreams about making a living of […]

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Where it all started

I’ve been sketching for some quote time now. My sketches where all in pens and coals; colourless and edgy. One day a friend tagged me in a post for a competition for designing a dress for a well-known local designer. I decided to give it a try since I had some free time and wanted […]

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A pose about art

I’ve always experienced art. Yas. Experienced. Never viewed, heard or just read. I experienced it back when I read a poem and think to it when confronted a particular situation. Seeing an artist capture a powerful emotion when wondering in a piece of music or the feeling of uncertainty through a piece of painting is […]

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Always a student

Getting indulge in a new field; let’s say like new study or new job, you would always carry such a mentality. You’re a learner. You’ll never stop exploring and Experiencing new things. When you start It’s easy to beat yourself up if you make a mistake. You tend to judge yourself more harshly than the […]

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Innovation & inspiration

Innovation I think, involves more than just great ideas. We need faith, hard work and a laser sharp focus for the end result to keep persisting for our vision in the face of roadblocks. We tend to see the end result of a creative idea in awe, but what we don’t see are the actions, […]

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To me Fashion is Art

It’s about a way of living not only about styling your clothes, it’s how you address yourself to the world. Fashion isn’t only branding up and economy nor just blogging. Fashion means nature, sky, and architecture. Fashion enables me to be creative and to set my imagination free and let loose of my craziness limitlessly, […]

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